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Terms of Use for the net.bme.hu Website

Most of the information available from the net.bme.hu website is for BME citizens only. It is stated on the top-right corner of the page if it is confidential.

Confidential pages are intended only for BME citizens, that is, lecturers and students of BME. It is forbidden to give these to others. Confidental pages are available from within the university's network without password, and from anywhere after logging in with BMENET ID and the corresponding password.

Public pages of net.bme.hu are available for anybody from anywhere, without logging in.


Content available on the net.bme.hu webserver is protected by copyright law. Except where otherwise noted, the author of the content is the Budapest University of Technology and Economics (BME).

The following statements apply only to those parts of the content that are authored by BME.

The author is represented by the director of BME IIG.

It is forbidden to

  • copy in whole or in part, except for printing or saving for personal use,
  • publish,
  • or mirror

any textual information or picture found on private pages without prior written permission from the director of IIG.

Any other content can be used in any way.


Last modified: 2020-03-31 15:17 CEST