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User Authentication

BMENET IT services are accessible via a few user authentication schemes. The table below summarizes services and corresponding authentication schemes.

Students' name@hszk.bme.hu format BMENET IDs won't work beyond 2021. Studens should use eduID instead.

  BMENET user ID eduID M365 user ID
username name@eik.bme.hu number@bme.hu name@edu.bme.hu name@bme.hu
password zero.eik.bme.hu UNIX password BME Címtár password
service web based services at BME with Shibboleth SSO   +    
HREF services   +    
eduroam + + + +
remote access VPN + + + +
M365 web   + +
M365 SMTP, IMAP     + +
net.bme.hu website from outside of BMENET + +    

Last modified: 2022-02-15 23:37 CET