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BMENET User Identifier

The BMENET user ID and the corresponding password can be used for the following services:

Every university citizen has a BMENET user ID if he or she is in HSZK's account database as a student, or has access to zero.eik.bme.hu as a lecturer. The BMENET identifier is

  • loginname@eik.bme.hu for zero users,
  • loginname@hszk.bme.hu for HSZK users.
From the 7th September 2007 on, students must use HSZK's account administration site to set the password that belongs to their BMENET user ID.

The password belonging to the BMENET user ID is the user's current login password on zero, or the password registered in HSZK's account database. (More precisely passwords for the BMENET ID are updated every hour on the hour from the zero password and HSZK account databases.)

Register for a new BMENET user ID

Students should register themselves in HSZK's account database to get their BMENET user ID.

Lecturers and staff should request an account to zero.eik.bme.hu to get a BMENET user ID.


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