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eduID is a number@bme.hu format personal user identifier. A password belongs to every eduID. All BME citizens may get an eduID, most of them gets one automatically.

eduID provides central authentication for BME citizens in information systems.

BME Címtár (Directory)

BME Címtár is the registry of eduIDs and user attributes – passwords, for example. There's no need to create users in systems that use BME Címtár for authentication. eduID and the corresponding password can be used to access protected pages or services instead.

Neptun and the payroll system are the primary data sources of BME Címtár. Every Neptun user receives an eduID too, automatically. For security reasons, passwords are not transfered from Neptun to Címtár, so the eduID password must be created before first use. Kancellária staff – those who are not Neptun users – are given and eduID based on the university's payroll system.

Logging in with eduID

For web based services, eduID and the password are always entered at https://login.bme.hu/. Web sites using eduID authentication always redirect here first, then after successful authentication the browser returns to the original site, this time in the authenticated state. That way eduID passwords are not sent to sites using eduID – increasing safety of your passwords.

Web sites using eduID authentication receive certain attributes of the authenticated user automatically from Címtár. E.g. a student's Neptun code is passed to departments' web sites, which makes it possible to provide personalized user experience. Sites using eduID authentication may restrict access further based on data received from Címtár, e.g. some pages can be made available only to teachers.

Along with the growing set of web sites, eduID can be used also at:

Sooner or later eduID will replace BMENET ID for other central network services too.


BME is a HREF (Hungarian Research and Education Federation) member. This means that web sites using federal authentication may also provide authenticated access to other member institutions' users in addition to their own users. A good example is Videotorium, and also Magyar Tudományos Művek Tára.

Using eduID at your webserver

eduID can be used at BME departments' web servers too to authenticate users. Such web servers must become BME Címtár SPs (Service Providers). BME organizational units willing to join BME Címtár as an SP can get detailed technical instructions at cimtar@mail.bme.hu.


Last modified: 2021-02-06 19:03 CET