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eduroam for guest users

Guest users from other eduroam member institutions may connect to the Internet via WLAN at BME with the following parameters:

WLAN SSID eduroam
authentication and encryption WPA2/AES
channels ETSI (1-13)
IPv4 address, mask, gateway DHCP
DNS resolver
IPv6 address, mask, gateway SLAAC
DNS resolver DHCPv6

When using BMENET, every user must follow these regulations:

IP traffic is not filtered by firewalls or access control lists. Misbehaving computers are denied WLAN access, mostly in the following cases:

  • malware (e.g. virus) distribution
  • intrusion (attempt) to other computers
  • participation in a denial-of-service attack
  • sending spam messages
  • peer-to-peer file sharing
Usual causes of the above mentioned actions are broken software, compromised systems, worm or virus infection, or user misbehaviour.


Last modified: 2020-03-31 15:22 CEST