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Reporting Network Abuse

Reports not conforming to these guidelines may be silently discarded. Thank you for your understanding.

When reporting network abuse or spam activity related to BMENET please follow these guidelines.

  • Send reports to abuse@eik.bme.hu.
  • Send information in plain text. Don't send screenshots, Word documents, etc.
  • Report incidents only if the source or an intermediary node belongs to BMENET, based on its IP address.
  • Report abuse and spam in a timely manner.
  • When reporting spam:
    • Include the full headers of the unsolicited commercial e-mail message.
    • Report spam only whet it was relayed through or originated from our network, based on the IP addresses of the 'Received:' lines.
    • Include the first few lines of or the complete message body too.
  • When reporting network abuse:
    • Describe your legal relation to the network/node believed to be attacked.
    • Specify the exact time of the attack.
    • Describe the attack as precisely as you can.
    • Include all IP addresses/ports related to the attack, that is, source and destination addresses/ports and any other relevant address.
    • Include any log entries relevant to the attack. Please give a short description of the log format used.
    • Don't send an abuse compliant because of a single TCP segment.
  • When reporting copyright infringement:
    • Describe your legal relation to the entity holding the copy rights.
    • Include the title or description of the copyrighted material.
    • Specify the exact location where you found the copyrighted material. This should include any URLs, IP addresses, TCP/UDP ports, protocols, paths, user names and passwords.
    • Include the IP address of the machine from where you were able to access the copyrighted material, as well as the time when you could access it.

Thank you.


Last modified: 2020-03-31 16:03 CEST