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External Hosts' Network Traffic Filtering in BMENET

What kind of traffic do we filter or block and why?

Information on filtered BME hosts is accessible from within the university's network or after logging in.

External hosts' traffic is blocked in the university campus network if it endangers or severly disturbs the operation of the BMENET backbone or central services. Usual causes of these actions are erroneous configuration, broken software, intrusion, worm or virus infection, or user misbehaviour.

What are the symptoms of traffic filtering?

Traffic filtering is based on IP address. Our backbone routers drop all IP packets sourced by or sent to the hosts listed below on this page. This prevents the listed hosts from communicating with BMENET hosts.

How to unblock network traffic?

Unblocking may be requested by the owner of the problematic host after having resolved the problem that led to traffic filtering. IP addresses blocked more than a year ago are unblocked also without request.

Please send unblock requests to filter@bme.hu.

Current filtering

IP address start date problem 2014-05-09 scam site 2016-07-21 spam 2016-05-03 spam 2014-05-09 scam site 2014-01-21 ssh scan 2014-12-13 DDoS 2014-12-13 DDoS 2014-12-13 DDoS 2016-06-02 phishing mail.login.bme.hu.rebelz.org (s02.netengi.com) 2016-12-22 SMTP brute force 2014-11-25 ssh brute force 2016-05-03 spam 2014-09-28 2014-06-06 scam site 2013-02-27 brute force 2013-08-09 TCP 22 scan 2014-04-09 spam

Last modified: 2017-05-03 14:32 CEST